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FW: Good Eggs!, Here are some ideas for your Easter Eggs

A little imagination and a marking pen can put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

I love the facial expressions!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Mystery white light worries Norway

10 Most Amazing Temples in the World

Alex Santoso • Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 12:01 AM

More than a quarter of all people in the world belong to Eastern religions, which include Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Taoism. These people worship in temples, which are architecturally as diverse as the religions are different from each other. From the ancient ruins of Ankor Wat to the distinctly modern Wat Rong Khun, there are hundreds if not thousands of amazing temples in the world.

I have long been fascinated by the temples and sacred sites of Eastern religions. After doing an article on some amazing churches from around the world (10 Divinely Designed Churches), it's only right that we do a follow up on the ten most fascinating temples in Asia. Here they are, in no particular order:

Tiger's Nest Monastery

Tiger's Nest Monastery, perched precariously on the edge of a 3,000-feet-high cliff in Paro Valley, is one of the holiest places in Bhutan. Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche [wiki], the second Buddha, flew onto the cliff on the back of a tigress, and then meditated in a cave which now exists within the monastery walls.

The monastery, formally called Taktshang Goemba, was built in 1692 and reconstructed in 1998 after a fire. Now, the monastery is restricted to practicing Buddhists on religious retreats and is off-limits to ordinary tourists.

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5 Interesting Theories on World Creation - Road Tickle


For centuries, people have wondered how the world was created. We may never know how we came to be, but there are many different theories on the subject. From scientists to mathematicians to religious deities all have theories on how the world was created. What theory you choose to believe is up to you.

1. The Mayans

According to the Mayans, there were two people, Tepeu and Gucumatz. They would sit around and think about things and then those things would exist. They thought up the mountains, the earth, the oceans, the sky and the animals and once they did they appeared. They used clay to create people, which would fall apart when they got wet, so they made people at of wood. These people would cause trouble so the God created a flood and wiped them out. They were allowed to start over. This is how the Earth became what it is today.

Strangest Creature Found on Earth - Chill Out Point


I don’t think these photos requires any special comment. These are fantastic world news worthy of headlining any newspaper around the world. This creature, was found on Thailand, its strangely shaped body leaves a lot of mastery around it . The photographer has captured with his camera a truly unique and amazing moment, and got himself a fantastic photographs that make up a great story.

As all good mysteries it happens in far away from the technology wonders of the modern society in Thailand. You can see a lot of local folks in the background of these photos that seem to worship this creature they have “found”. The end result is an even more absurd and even humorous scene. They managed to get me even more amazed by this baby powder and juices they brought as a tribute to this creature. They have even brought a fan to keep it well preserved for the scientists.

Mesmerizing low-speed photography (17 photos) : theCHIVE


Parents of The Year (25 photos) : theCHIVE


Monster Sandstorm Smashes Saudi Capital (12 Photos + 1 video) : theCHIVE


Residents of Saudi Arabia’s capital are cleaning up after a huge sandstorm blanketed Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with a thick layer of yellow dust. In some areas, nearly a foot of sand covered cars and homes.

I Hate My Job, Worst Jobs On Earth : theCHIVE

These People Exist...! (20 Photos) : theCHIVE


Abandoned Moscow Tunnels | Wacky Owl - Strange and Weird Stuff

The abandoned Moscow tunnels are really scary and weird. The present picture of these tunnels scares us and represents fear factor. They are such long that if anybody goes in these tunnels will get scared. It seems like it is the way to go from one world to another. these tunnels need the maintenance and of course the person who will go to repair these tunnels will himself get scared of it. the strange condition of these tunnels force us to think about. With less effort we can make them again proper functioning. We have to repair the damages so that in future it should not become dangerous.

Moscow underground tunnels

The World's 5 Most Strangest Tunnels | Wacky Owl - Strange and Weird Stuff

Click image
cu chi tunnel The Worlds 5 Most Strangest Tunnels

“Duga”, the Steel Giant Near Chernobyl

Click image!

Bodyshock: The Amazing Story behind the 256 Year-Old Man | Environmental Graffiti


By Chris Ingham Brooke – Chief Graffiti Artist
Li Ching-Yun
Li Ching-Yun. Image from The People’s Republic of China
According to the 1933 obituaries in both Time Magazine and the New York Times, Li Ching-Yun was reported to have buried 23 wives and fostered 180 descendants by the time he died at the age of 256.

10 absolutely jaw dropping concept car designs

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English Russia » The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant

Click image!
Oldest Nuclear Power Plant 27

English Russia » Inserting a Reactor

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Atomic station construction 2

15 Strangest Musical Instruments - Road Tickle

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Underwater Church Reappears

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Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture | Top 10 Lists |

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English Russia » Abandoned Prince’s House

Click image!
Abandoned Russian palace in Abkhazia 4

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 First Details Photo Gallery (sls-amg-gt3-exterior) | eMercedesBenz

Click the image
Mercedes-Benz SLS:

Possible Christmas Present........Idea!!

The Synthetic Kingdom on Vimeo

The Synthetic Kingdom on Vimeo

The Synthetic Kingdom from Daisy Ginsberg on Vimeo.

A Natural History of the Synthetic Future

Synthetic Biology is turning to the living kingdoms for its materials library. No more petrochemicals: instead, pick a feature from an existing organism, locate its DNA code and insert it into a biological chassis. From DIY hacked bacteria to entirely artificial, corporate life-forms, engineered life will compute, produce energy, clean up pollution, make self-healing materials, kill pathogens and even do the housework. Manufacturers will transcend biomimicry, engineering bacteria to secrete keratin for sustainable vacuum cleaner casings; synthesise biodegradable gaskets from abalone shell proteins and fill photocopier toner cartridges with photosensitive E. coli. Meanwhile, we’ll have to add an extra branch to the Tree of Life. The Synthetic Kingdom is part of our new nature.

Biotech promises us control over the natural world, but living machines need controlling. Biology doesn’t respect boundaries or patents. And in simplifying life to its molecular interactions, might we accidently degrade our sense of self? Are promises of sustainability and unparalleled good health seductive enough to accept such compromise?


Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Animation by Cath Elliot

The Synthetic Kingdom
© Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Design Interactions Royal College of Art 2009

Macro Photos of Animal Eyes - Stella's Magazine

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Agartha : The Hollow Earth

Secrets of the Hollow Earth
The interior of the Earth, some believe, is home to strange races of technologically advanced beings. Who are they and where are the hidden entrances to their subterranean cities?

Many readers of the paranormal and the unexplained are familiar with the theory that the Earth is hollow. The idea is based on the ancient legends of many cultures that say there are races of people - entire civilizations - that thrive in subterranean cities. Very often, these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we on the surface. Some even believe that UFOs are not from other planets, but are manufactured by strange beings in the interior of the Earth.

Who are these strange races of beings? How did they come to live inside the Earth? And where are the entrances to their underground cities?


The Network. One of the most common names cited for the society of underground dwellers is Agharta (or Agartha) with its capital city of Shamballa. The source for this information, apparently, is The Smoky God, the "biography" of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. According to Agartha - Secrets of the Subterranean Cities, the story, written by Willis Emerson, explains how Jansen's sloop sailed through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole. For two years he lived with the inhabitants of the Agharta network of colonies who, Emerson writes, were a full 12 feet tall and whose world was lit by a "smoky" central sun. Shamballa the Lesser, one of the colonies, was also the seat of government for the network. "While Shamballa the Lesser is an inner continent, its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth' s crust or discreetly within mountains."

How and Why They Went There. The many cataclysms and wars taking place on the surface drove these people underground, according to Secrets: "Consider the lengthyAtlantean-Lemurian war and the power of thermonuclear weaponry that eventually sank and destroyed these two highly advanced civilizations. The Sahara, the Gobi, the Australian Outback and the deserts of the U.S. are but a few examples of the devastation that resulted. The sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures."

The Entrances.

There are allegedly several entrances to the Kingdom of Aghartathroughout the world:

  • Kentucky Mommoth Cave, in south-central Kentucky, US.
  • Mount Shasta, California, US - the Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain.
  • Manaus, Brazil.
  • Mato Grosso, Brazil - the city of Posid supposedly lies beneath this plain.
  • Iguaçú Falls, border or Brazil and Argentina.
  • Mount Epomeo, Italy.
  • Himalayan Mountains, Tibet - the entrance to the underground city of Shonshe is allegedly guarded by Hindu monks.
  • Mongolia - the underground city of Shingwa allegedly exists beneath the border of Mongolia and China.
  • Rama, India - beneath this surface city is a long lost subterranean city, they say, also named Rama.
  • Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
  • King Solomon's Mines.
  • Dero Caves, ?.
  • North and South Poles.


The People. In India there is an ancient belief, still held by some, in a subterranean race of serpent people who dwell in the cities Patala and Bhogavati. According to the legend, they wage war on the kingdom of Agharta. "The Nagas," according to "The Deep Dwellers," "are described as a very advanced race or species, with a highly-developed technology. They also harbor a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with and even to eat."

The Entrances. While the entrance to Bhogavati is somewhere in the Himalayas, believers assert that Patala can be entered through the Well of Sheshna in Benares, India. Says William Michael Mott in "The Deep Dwellers": "According to herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton, as stated in his book Venomous Reptiles, this entrance is very real, with forty steps which descend into a circular depression, to terminate at a closed stone door which is covered in bas-relief cobras. In Tibet, there is a major mystical shrine also called 'Patala,' which is said by the people there to sit atop an ancient cavern and tunnel system, which reaches throughout the Asian continent and possibly beyond. The Nagas also have an affinity with water, and the entrances to their underground palaces are often said to be hidden at the bottom of wells, deep lakes and rivers."

The Old Ones

The Beings. In an article entitled "The Hollow Earth: Myth or Reality" for Atlantis Rising, Brad Steiger writes of the legends of "the Old Ones," an ancient race that populated the surface world millions of years ago and then moved underground. "The Old Ones, an immensely intelligent and scientifically advanced race," Steiger writes, "have chosen to structure their own environment under the surface of the planet and manufacture all their necessities. The Old Ones are hominid, extremely long-lived, and pre-date Homo sapiens by more than a million years. The Old Ones generally remain aloof from the surface peoples, but from time to time, they have been known to offer constructive criticism; and it has been said, they often kidnap human children to tutor and rear as their own."

The Elder Race

The Beings. One of the most controversial tales of inner Earth dwellers is the so-called "Shaver Mystery." In 1945, Amazing Stories magazine under the editorship of Ray Palmer ran a story told by Richard Shaver, who claimed he had recently been the guest of what remained of an underground civilization. Although few really believed the story, any many suspect that Shaver may actually have been psychotic, Shaver always averred that his story was true. He contended that the Elder Race, or Titans, came to this planet from another solar system in our prehistoric past. After a while of living on the surface, they realized our sun was causing them to age prematurely, so they escaped underground, building huge subterranean complexes in which to live. Eventually, they decided to seek a new home on a new planet, evacuating the Earth and leaving behind their underground cities populated by mutated beings: the evil Dero - detrimental robots - and the good Tero - integrated robots. It was these beings that Shaver claimed to have met.

The Entrance. Despite the enormous popularity of the Shaver Mystery in Amazing Stories - Palmer milked it for all it was worth, and then some - the location of the entrance to this underground world was never divulged.


YouTube - BMW GINA Light Visionary Model Concept Car

YouTube- BMW GINA Light Visionary Model Concept Car

Kalinin K-7 - a massive aircraft

Click image
 Aviation Airplane Concord Giant History K7 Kalinin

a bird`s sight - a never-before-seen Russia

Click image
Russia Soviet Photographs View City Landscape

Futurama - a view of the future

Click the image
 GM Future Futurama General Motors Bel Geddes 1940 New York World Fair USA Technology

Futurama 2 - twenty years later...

published in technology by seven

 1964 World Fair Futurama Future General Motors GM New York Technology USA Space

In 1964, the World Fair returned to New York, about twenty years after the first event. Taking the opportunity, GM once again marked its presence with its pavilion where it revisited the future with the Futurama II exhibit, in an up-to-date and improved version. This time, though, its forecast didn't have the same twenty-year reach, nor did it limit itself to cities and roads: the future that was idealized was located at a sixty-year distance, in 2024, and the imagined world also included space conquest, in which the Americans deposited all their strength and enthusiasm.

Just like in the first edition, the exhibit was located in a building whose futuristic and aerodynamic lines resembled the Enterprise spaceship, from the StarTrek series. The visiting ritual remained the same, with the public touring the space sitting in chairs that moved over a railway line, from which the model cities and the diaporamas could be seen. There were simulations of underwater cities, cities in Antarctica and on the Moon, even. Even though it was devoid of any kind of ecological conscience, they proudly showed vast areas of deforestation in the Amazon jungle to build roads and cities, as well as crops in the desert.

 1964 World Fair Futurama Future General Motors GM New York Technology USA Space

 1964 World Fair Futurama Future General Motors GM New York Technology USA Space

 1964 World Fair Futurama Future General Motors GM New York Technology USA Space

 1964 World Fair Futurama Future General Motors GM New York Technology USA Space

 1964 World Fair Futurama Future General Motors GM New York Technology USA Space

 1964 World Fair Futurama Future General Motors GM New York Technology USA Space

Over 26 million people visited this unique exposition and, like in the first edition, they went home with a I saw the future badge. And, most likely, those who saw the future in 1964 won't survive to see the future in 2024; those who get there, though, will no longer expect a wonderful and perfect world, promised by the optimistic view of Futurama.

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the wondrous locomotives of Raymond Loewy

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 Train Trains Design Locomotive Loewy Motors Pennsylvania PRR Raymond Design

1935_Duesenberg Ad - Vanity Fair-June 1935

Is God only in our brain?

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 Brain Science God Epilepsy Spirit Sprituality Mystic Religion Theology Transcranial Vatican

Medical Museums | Atlas Obscura | Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations

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Image of Museé Fragonard located in Paris, France

2 Headed Turtle - Natural History Museum in Geneva

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English Russia » Oil Stones: A Soviet City in the Middle of the Sea

Click image
Russian city on the sea

Japanese Lamp Fights | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities

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Who knows............? Sumo wrestling was boring?

10 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About China -

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10 Unusual Watches - Weird Worm

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cebestan winch tourbillion vertica

28 Awesome Family Photos | Caveman Circus

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funny family photos

25 Worst of Everything Photos - Lazy Palace

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worst22 25 Worst of Everything Photos

China’s Secret Fleet of Stealth Fighters | Environmental Graffiti

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Russia / Sukhoi Su-33UB, AL-31FU turbofan engines

Abandoned Salt Mine in Romania |

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turda salt mine romania 3

20 Most Incredible Desert Oases [pics] | Environmental Graffiti

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crescent lake oasis

5 Insane Marriage Rituals From Around the World - Weird Worm

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blacken the bride

10 Ugly Rivers of the World | ZuZu Top

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pollution-around-the-world2 []

The 10 Biggest Misconceptions We Learn in School

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Weird Animal Species - Stella's Magazine

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English Russia » Dead Towns of Kola

Click the picture for more.
Russian abandoned towns 49

Abandoned Top Secret Soviet Underground Submarine Base |

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underground submarine base 5

Another 5 Coolest Inventions you Probably Didn’t Know Exist :

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The World's Most Amazing Secluded Houses

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Abandoned water park at Walt Disney World at

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9 Creepiest Secret Underground Tunnels From Around the World :

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