Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Massive Berry Bank in Russia One Step Closer to Demolition


Scientists will likely be forced to say "Do svidaniya" to a massive cache of rare genetic samples.

World's Largest Tidal Turbine Unveiled in Scotland - Yes, It's Humongous


photos: Atlantis Resources Corp.

Thailand Attempts to Solve Overfishing By Dumping Tanks, Trains and Trucks into Sea (Video)


Thailand has decided to dump 27 army tanks, 273 old train carts, and 198 garbage trucks into the sea. It's a whole lot of scrap metal hitting the ocean floor, but it's all in an effort to create an artificial reef to solve the problem of overfishing. Government officials believe that by providing more habitat for species, the fishing industry can be sustained. While skeptical at first, locals are also latching on to the idea. Video report after the jump. Huffington Post Green points us to this news report from Al Jezeera:

Non-recyclable Cardboard Housing: The Next Strawbale?


Images: Auburn University Rural Studio

You've probably heard of strawbale construction -- but what about cardboard bale construction? We already know cardboard is pretty versatile and can be found anywhere from furniture, to ornaments, to mulch, to houses and earthquake resistant schools. But what can be done with non-recyclable waxed cardboard that usually ends up in some landfill? As a team of Auburn University students are showing in this experimental student housing project called Corucon, even the hard-to-recycle, waxed corrugated kind of cardboard can still be reclaimed and used instead as bales for building, much like strawbales.
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